DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03 Released and New FAQ


Supercard dstwo plus 4 in 1 3ds flashcard has the new update and the supercard.sc team released new GW plugin:v1.03. We all konw that supercard dstwo plus emulate gateway mode to support 3ds games on 3ds console. For the limit of emulation, dstwo plus only support 3DS4.1-9.2 and 3DS10.2.0-28 emunand.

The new gateway plugin v1.03 fixed the problems when users play 3ds online games. And it can support New 3DS and improved card2 save speed.

GW plugin Version 1.03 2015-11-07

1,Improved CARD2 save speed.
2,Fixed play 3ds games online error.
3,Fixed bugs, and support NEW 3DS.

The dstwo plus came out almost one month, and many users has own the 4 in 1 3ds flashcard and enjoy it. They also feed back the problems they have met to supercard.sc team and the team released the  FAQ which give answers to some questions.


Q: What GW version support?
A: GW 3.0 -3.4.1

Q: What 3ds version support?
A: Firmware 4.1-9.2

Q: What new 3ds version support?
A: Firmware 8.x and 9.2(need Cubic Ninja or Ocarina of Time 3D).

Q: Why can NOT play save types is CARD2 games?
A: Because CARD2 save write back to the ROM, so the ROM can’t be RIP. Please use clean ROM.

Q: How about the sleep mode in playing 3DS game?
A: When playing 3DS game, the sleeping mode save much power than DSTWO.

Q: Does DSTWO PLUS support DSTWO Plug-in?
A: Yes, compatible DSTWO Plug-in, such as GBA, SFC plug-in.

Q: DSTWO PLUS support Exfat format?
A: Yes. However for DS game, the reading speed is not fast enough, so, DS games don’t support Exfat. But if you play 3DS only, you can use Exfat.

More update coming soon…

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