Supercard DSTWO PLUS Review

DSTWO PLUS – the new 3ds flashcard from which is the conbination of dstwo and gateway3ds. Dstwo plus 4in1 flashcard can support 3ds games on NEW/OLD3DSv4.1-9.2. Here  is the review of dstwo plus:

DSTWO PLUS packaging
dstwo plus 1123
dstwo plus 112301


NEW/OLD3DS v4.1-9.2(we used NEW3DSv9.1.0-20J)
DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03
GW ultra3.4
3DS roms

1. Download ‘DSTWO PLUS EOS v.14‘ and ‘DSTWO PLUS Gateway Plugin v1.03‘, upzip them and copy the files to the root of microSD card for dstwo plus, and then place some 3ds roms to the microSD card too.
2. Download the GW Ultra 3.4 for your NEW3DS from gateway 3ds official site( while GW Ultra 3.5 can only works on OLD3DS), copy ‘Launcher.dat’ to the root of your microSD card of your NEW3DS.
3. Insert dstwo plus to NEW3DS, there will be a ds cart icon. Press A and go to dstwo plus menu.

4. Select GW_SIMULATOR, then press A to continue 11234
select yout console type: Classic 3DS and NEW 3DS.11235
When the installation is done, press A to exit.
Tips: If your 3ds crash  during the installation, please reboot your 3ds and try again.

Then the NEW3DS will show the turning off page, turn off NEW3DS and reboot it.
5. Press system settings→ other settings→profile→nintendo ds profile, it will come with black screen and gateway red dragon flashing. After several second, you will go to gateway model.

6.  Then you will find the flashcard icon is empty, press select button to load 3ds games. Choose the 3ds games you want to play and press A. The 3ds games icon will appear. Now you can play 3ds games with dstwo plus11239112310112311

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