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Supercard DSTWO PLUS Review

DSTWO PLUS – the new 3ds flashcard from supercard.sc which is the conbination of dstwo and gateway3ds. Dstwo plus 4in1 flashcard can support 3ds games on NEW/OLD3DSv4.1-9.2. Here  is the review of dstwo plus: DSTWO PLUS packaging DSTWO PLUS cart … Continue reading

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Supercard DSTWO can support DS/GBA/SFC games on 3DS9.8.0 -25.

Supercard DSTWO is available aganin which is definitely an exciting news for many users. It is one of the most powerful DS card because it can be used to play DS/GBA/SFC games direactly in one card. Now we will have … Continue reading

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DSTWO Is Available Now

Great news for you-DSTWO has been stopped  for a long time and now it has been production again. Now  supercard DSTWO is available in Digitopz,  and welcome to place orders from here. DSTWO can support on NEW3DS/3DS for firmware 9.8.0-25. … Continue reading

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Nintendo 3DS Released New Firmware V8.1.0-18. DSTWO, R4i gold 3ds, R4i-sdhc 3DS RTS and Ace3ds plus can perfectly work well on it.

It’s not a long time that nintendo 3ds updated its firmware again. 3DSV8.1.0-18 comes out today. Just as the usual, it’s  just a minor update since no obvious changes. After repeated tests throught our technicist, We can confirmed that Supercard … Continue reading

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Which flashcard can work well on 3DSV7.1.0-16?

Quickily, Nintendo 3DS firmware has been updated to version 7.1.0-16.on Feb27th,2014. but pls take it easy. this is just a tiny update for 3DS. according to test, all 3DS flashcards are fine to support this new update. no any flashcard … Continue reading

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Which Flashcart with RTS Function ?

RTS is shorten from Real Time Save.RTS features for a game, press and hold the SELECT button while starting the game. It will create an RTS file in your saves folder with the same filename as your NDS file. Just … Continue reading

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Is it really that almost all flashcart can support 3DS V4.5.0-10 and DSi V1.45 ?

Just as we knew,most of flashcart have been blocked since Nintendo released the firmware update for 3DS/XL and DSi.Yet,today,according to a confirmed news that more and more 3ds flashcart have bypassed the block and let’s read following content to get … Continue reading

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