Buy Supercard DSTWO PLUS playing 3ds games

Supercard DSTWO PLUS– one new flashcard which scheduled for releaseĀ  in October. This flashcard was developed by team and it features with a powerful function: 3ds game support.

DSTWO PLUS is based on DSTWO — but it’s not just another version. Supercard dstwo plus has the basic features of dstwo, and also has some new festures for the powerful function. Supercard dstwo plus will can emulate gateway3ds to support 3ds games

Supercard Dstwo plus features

Support 3DS/XL,2DS,New 3DS/XL, DS,DSi
Support 3DS4.1-4.5 and may be up to 9.2
Support 3ds ,ds roms
Support GBA/ SNES Game on 3DS
Slow motion for 3ds games
Unlimited cheats and saves for 3ds games
No region limitations
Real-time Save, Free Cheat, Real-Time Game Guide for DS games
396MHZ CPU with 32 MB of RAM
4 times the flash memory.
2 times the CPLD.

Tips: when the supercard dstwo plus is available, we will write the review of dstwo plus.

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