Supercard DSTWO can support DS/GBA/SFC games on 3DS9.8.0 -25.

Supercard DSTWO is available aganin which is definitely an exciting news for many users. It is one of the most powerful DS card because it can be used to play DS/GBA/SFC games direactly in one card.
Now we will have a tutorial for newbie how to play DS/GBA/SFC games with supercard dstwo on 3DS9.8.0-25.

Ways of playing DS games

1.Download”DSTWO_v1.12” and unzip all the files to the root of your micro sd card.
2.Insert micro sd card with DS roms to dstwo and then insert the card to your 3DS console.
3.Turn on your console.Select”DS-GAME”  and choose the DS games to enjoy.

Ways of playing GBA games
1.Download”Tempgba-v1.44” and “DSTWO_v1.12“,
extract all the files in the two folders to the root of your micro sd card.
2. Turn on your console with gba roms on dstwo, choose”TempGBA”-NEW game- gba roms. Then enjoy the gbs games

Ways of playing SFC games
1. Please download”CATSFC 1.23” and “DSTWO_v1.12“. unzip all the files to the root of the micro sd card.
2. Copy the SFC roms to your micro sd card.
3. Turn on your console and select”CATSFC”, ans then press “new game” and then choose your SFC games to play.

Supercard Dstwo can play DS/GBA/SFC games on 3DS9.8.0-25 on 3DS9.8.0-25 in one card, so it is more pratical then the other r4i card.

DSTWO offcial dealer:

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