How to play games online with SkyTempIDEdit?

The Sky3ds team released a new tool-SkyTempIDEdit,which is enable you to build the specific template file for online game with your own private header. If you donot konw how to use the SkyTempIDEdit to play games online, here is the instruction. And if you can play games online, you donot need to use this tool to change your template, only a small number of users can not play games online.
new Sky3ds
1. Download the SkyTempIdEdit  from here:  And Please put “template.txt” and “SkyTempIdEdit.exe” into the same directory.

Sky3DSTempIDEdit 1
2. Click Window menu on left bottom corner to choose “Run” option, fill with the full path of the SkyTempIdEdit.

Sky3DSTempIDEdit 2
3. Go to “Run” interface and space to fill the command with cart id and chip id
(eg: 112233445566778899AABBCCDDEEFF00 12345678 )

Sky3DSTempIDEdit 3
4. Click “OK”, the command will be executed , it will automatically create new-template file in the folder after waiting tens of seconds.
Sky3DSTempIDEdit 4
1. Don’t delete old template.txt, you can write game for online game by new template file, but cannot read old game saver. If you need to old game saver, you should use the old template to write games.
2. For new game playing online, please make sure you change into your private own file header information, don’t use others’.

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