GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.4 Beta supports emunand 9.5

Several days ago, nintendo has updated New 3DS,3DSXL,3DS,2DS system firmware to v9.5.0-22,according to the confirmed news, sky3ds flashcart can directly work on it . In the wake of nintendo released v9.5.0-22 updated news,gateway 3ds team released GATEWAY ULTRA 3.0.4  BETA, which fixes multi-rom support for users with emunand 9.5. Detials:

Posted on February 3, 2015

Today we present just a quick update for our users with 9.5 emunand. This fixes the multirom menu not showing up and various updates for properly supporting 9.5 emunand.

We also want to inform our users about some news regarding emunand support for the New 3DS:
We will not be able to support emunand 9.5 or higher for a while on the New 3DS. This is only an issue for the New 3DS, the old 3DS and 2DS will never have this issue. This is not a definitive barrier, but we feel it necessary to inform our users that while we are still working on releasing our New 3ds support, we will not be able to provide support yet for 9.5 emunand or higher for New 3DS on release.

And as always ENJOY!

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