Gateway 3DS ULTRA 3.0 BETA FAQ!

Gateway 3ds ULTRA 3.0s upporting all 3DS/2DS/3DS XLfrom 4.5 up to 9.2 released several days ago, and many players meet some problems about the new firmware. There are some newest FAQ for your queations:

Please also see a helpful guide to getting it all setup here.

Do I need an Internet connection to be enabled every time I run the Gateway exploit on 5.x+?
Yes. Add to your favourites to speed up the process.

For those with an Android device, you can use this method if you are worried about connecting your 3DS to the Internet.

How do I use this on a New 3DS?
You can’t. The support for this has not yet been released due to whatever reason. We will need to wait to see if it is included as part of the full version.

What is currently working?
MultiROM is currently working fine as is emuNAND. CIA installation is also working fine with DevMenu, however it is strongly advised that you use emuNAND for installing CIA files, as installing a bad CIA file on sysNAND will cause your 3DS to brick.

So emuNAND is working?
Yes, emuNAND is working just as it did previously. Remember, before you update it, always ensure that you only update through the Settings and make sure that it says “GW3D” next to the system version before attempting to update. If not, you will be updating sysNAND.

This isn’t working on my 9.2 3DS? Why?
There is no reason why it shouldn’t work with your 9.2 3DS, it works fine with mine. Ensure that you have cleared your browser cache and cookies before attempting to run the exploit and power cycle your 3DS.

I’m scared of getting the update nag.
If you’re worried of getting the nag, only turn on your wireless connectivity when you open the Internet browser, and add the link to your bookmarks. This way, your Internet doesn’t have to be on for very long. I have no yet received any nags for the update and I have run the exploit multiple times now.

Do I need the blue Gateway card?
No, it is not needed for this exploit as it is using the Internet browser instead as its vulnerability, unless you are on version 4.1 – 4.5.

I’m getting an error when running the exploit.
Try clearing your cache and cookies in the 3DS Internet browser (deleting save data also may work). This appears to be a known issue and this is the current workaround. Also, try removing any gamecards in your 3DS and don’t press any buttons until the top screen has turned grey, from here you can press L to bring up the Gateway menu if you have run the exploit before or the R button to update the Gateway 3DS card. In addition to these, ensure that your SD card is formatted to FAT32, as some other file partitions appear to be causing problems (e.g. NTFS, exFAT).

If you are having trouble with any of this, please see this guide.

How do I downgrade my 3DS?
Please see this thread on how to downgrade your 3DS.

If you have emuNAND, I would recommend following this guide to ensure that you can access the eShop correctly after downgrading.

Do I have to repeat the process of running the exploit every time from the browser?
Yes. If you turn off your 3DS, go to settings or quit Super Smash Bros. 3DS then you will be left out of Gateway mode and will need to re-run the exploit.

I want to backup my sysNAND (or run other Gateway Launcher tools), but when I run the exploit it keeps taking me straight to Gateway mode.
Once your top screen goes grey after running the exploit, click and hold the L shoulder button until the menu icons appear.

Can I use the 3.0.1 BETA launcher with my 4.5 3DS?
Yes you can, and you will still be able to use the DS Profile exploit to access the Gateway features.

I’m getting an SPI Error when I run diagnostics.
This should be fixed as of 3.0.1. If you are still receiving this error message, ensure you have the latest launcher.dat on your SD card. Your card may be faulty if it is producing an error at this stage.

I have setup my emuNAND, but the backup I made of my SD card isn’t being picked up.
When you go into your SD card, you will see a “Nintendo 3DS” on the root. But inside this folder should be another “Nintendo 3DS” folder – merge your backup with this one, not the one on the root.

When I install a CIA file in emuNAND, and I reboot, I need to unwrap it every time.
This is a known issue and is caused by your sysNAND and emuNAND being linked, therefore they will need to be unlinked. To do this, you will need to format your sysNAND with your SD card removed. You should keep all of your saves and eShop games on the SD card for use on emuNAND.

Will I lose my save games if I install emuNAND?
No, your save games will be fine. Just make sure you do backup your SD card to your PC before you format it for emuNAND.

To make my games re-appear on emuNAND, do I just need to copy back my SD backup?
Yes, that should work. You will also be able to re-download anything that is on your NNID, in case you have deleted anything from your backup (or any other reason).

I’m on version 9.3/9.4. What can I do?
As of this moment, we know of no exploits from Gateway and there is unlikely to be support for these firmware versions in the near future. The Sky3DS is the only cart which works on this newest firmware version.

Can I downgrade my 3DS to a firmware version that was below to the version that I received it at?
Yes, this will work fine. Please be careful before downgrading however as it is writing directly to sysNAND, and Gateway advises that unless you have a hardware NAND mod to not use this feature.

Why has my US 3DS downgraded to 4.2 and not 4.5 like EU models?
This is just the firmware versions that have been included in the GATEWAY.DG file that is used for downgrading. There are no differences to Gateway usage between the 2 firmware versions.

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