MT-card shows ” An error has occurred, forcing the software to close,The system will now restart.what should i do?

The precedure of installing mt-card is a little bit complicated. sometimes, some mt-card users may meet some problems when use mt card to play 3ds multiroms. we are heard from one of our customers about the problem of mt-card: “An error has occurred,forcing the software to close.The system will now restart.(Unsaved date maybe lost).”

When we came across this kind of problem, please don’t be panic. let’s find where the problem is?

Firstly, you need to check if your 3ds or 3DSXL is version between 3DSV4.1.0-10-4.5.0-10. yeah, we should always notity the importance of checking the version of console.

Secondly, if your 3DS/3DSXL has the compatible version, then we can eliminate this factor and consider the next possibility. let’s check your Micro SD card Adapter. Did you download the “Launcher.dat” file into SD card inserted into Micro SD card Adapter? did you insert Micro SD card Adapter into the right side of your 3DS? Because it’s very important for “Launcher.dat” file to activate the 3ds. if you forgot to install “Launcher.dat” file or you used the broken SD card, the “Launcher.dat” can’t be activated to set up the system. So Download the “Launcher.dat” file from mt-card official website to insert into the root directory of SD card. After preparing blue card files, Micro SD card Adapter files and white card files, then you can set up the system now. Here is a vedio for your reference:

Lastly, if it’s not the problem of “Launcher.dat” file, you need to think about if you have done some operation and change the set up of your console. for example, NDS exploit is somehow related to username. if you ever changed it so you have to apply exploit again. reinstall the NDS exploit and see if that’s helpful.

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