How to update MT-card to the latest Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2 ?

How to update MT-card to the latest Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2 ?

1. Unzip the file, run the program file MT_Card_Updater v1.3.exe

201404171543214152. Use a micro USB cable to connect MT card to the computer.

123. After connecting , the computer will automatically install the drivce, and then
shows you a picture as below, “update” is available.


4. Click “update”, it will detect the driver installation of MT card.

5. If all OK, comfirm the update, click “Yes” to update.


6. Updating, start writing data to MT card.



97. The third progress bar begins, writing data to CPU.


 8. When the third progress bar is finished, it will show you update success, you
can disconnect the USB connecting.


Now, we opened the 3DS console and run the card, When we go to MT-card menu, we can see the version shows below: Hardware Ver1.3 & Software Ver1.2. 3 eshop games,animal crossing and pokemon X/Y games are tested to work perfectly on 3DS.


P40417-150452If you are interested in MT-card and want to buy MT-card for your 3DSV4.1-4.5,   Remember to go to MT-card  authentic retailler Digitopz . best quality and kind service will be offered to you.

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