How to judge the geniune gateway 3ds?

The change of gateway 3ds is really impressive during these days. It’s a amazing 3ds flashcard. GATEWAY 2.1 “OMEGA” public released! it’s an exciting news for those who has gateway 3ds. gateway 3ds official has clearly pointed out that you can judge the card by looking at the back of your Gateway 3DS Red Card, and looking at the middle pin on the bottom. If the middle pin isĀ longer than the other pins, then you have received a clone card. If the middle pin is shorter than the other pins, so that proves you received a geniune gateway 3ds.

so where can i buy theĀ  Geniune gateway 3ds?


gateway 3ds recommend us to buy gateway 3ds from official reseller.but i bought it from and found mt gateway 3ds is real too. Boots fine, e-shop games and mutilroms are working great. If you want to donwload the GATEWAY 2.1 “OMEGA” or wanna to buy one,give a shot to Digitopz. you will get what you want.

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2 Responses to How to judge the geniune gateway 3ds?

  1. Josue says:

    You wrote the opposite of what the picture says, so what is it?

    • 3dsflashcart says:

      Thanks for your Carefulness and notification. we have checked it again and found it was truly oppsite to the picture. it’s our fault. we have modified it , you can see again. we have checked on gateway 3ds official website again and also found thay have made the same mistake. we have e-mailed to them this problem to avoid more inconveninece. it seems no reply.anyway, really thanks for your comment. we will check every post carefully and avoid this mistake again.

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