Mophie RamMore Space Pack

Mophie RamMore Space Pack as a new novel product come into our life brings us much convenience. it’s not only a protection case cover, it is also a integrated SD card adapter upgrade our  ipad mini to unlimited capacity. with this great new RamMore Mophie Space Pack ,we will have more storeage space and enjoy more fun frm ipad. we believe, in the following time ,this product will bring us more pleasure and suprise.

RamMore Space Pack now is supporting iPad Mini, iPad Mini With Retina(Mini2), more supporting is coming. Rammore has two versions, V1(Jailbreak needed and use with ipad file) and V2(no need Jailbreak,just need you to downalod an APP on APP store). so please pay attention to confirm that if your ipad is jailbreaked before you use Mophie RamMore Space Pack.


  • Freely extend the capacity for your iPad!
  • Making you iPad upgrading to unlimited capacity
  • Importing digital camera photos and videos easily
  • Providing better protection for your iPad
  • Integrated design of card reader and protection cover.
  • Dismountable card reader design.
  • Body memory extendable.
  • SD, SDHC and SDXC card are supported, up to 64Gb and Class-6 SD card.
  • Supporting Mirco USB line data synchronization and charging.
  • Adding energy-absorbing EVA sponge to provide excellent protection
  • Perfectly matching with “Apple Smart Cover

Official features:

Perfect care

It will provide your iPad with carefully fit case and excellent protection!

Small, but big inside

Ranmore can increase your iPad storage up to 256G!

Enjoy more

lets you enjoying thousands of photos, movies, videos more than your 32G iPad can do!

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