PS3 cobra ODE arrived at us.

It was reported from Cobra ODE official that Supported Review has been released on sep7th,2013.they announced that the support of  * 4000c  *
and  a new review appeared in forums of .more details can be found there.since it’s another language version,so we will wait for the English version.Just after that ,Here came another great news :Cobra ODE arrived at us yesterday.the products are shipped from cobra ODE official distributor and are of high are lots of pictures below:digitopz

1 (7)1 (6)1 (5)1 (4)1 (3)1 (2)1Cobra ode is a great product,if you are know little about it.these feature list can Promote a better understanding of you:
1.Play all PS3 games.
2.Play PS2/PS1 games on backwards compatible consoles
3.Solderless installation on all FAT consoles and 20xx/21xx SLIM consoles
4.Easy and fast installation for 25xx series SLIM, 3000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM consoles
5.Supports all current OFW and CFW’s
6.OSD selection of ISO’s
7.UI commander included
8.Easy selection of Emulation and pass through modes
9.Flexible and powerful embedded OS
10.High speed ARM and onboard FPGA’s are updatable via inbuilt updater mchanism
11.Movie ISO’s supported
12.Additional hardware interface included to support future hardware addons, giving user maximum flexibility
13.Designed by the team who brought so many firsts to the scene!
14.000 series SLIM and 4000 series SUPER SLIM hardware supported from launch
15.Manufactured at a high tech facility = superb quality

We will keep closer attention to Cobra ODE in the next time.let’s look forward to more good news.

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