Which Flashcart with RTS Function ?

RTS is shorten from Real Time Save.RTS features for a game, press and hold the SELECT button while starting the game.
It will create an RTS file in your saves folder with the same filename as your NDS file. Just as we knew,some famous cards,
such as dstwo,m3i zero and so comes with RTS Function itself , and now more and more cards join the list ,so let’s have a quicker
look which cards with RTS Function

RTS Function Supporting Cards :

Supercard dstwo
M3i zero
R4i gold 3ds
Cyclo DS

At first,both r4i gold 3ds and r4isdhc 3ds didnt support RTS,thanks for their team’s hard working,they realize this purpose.
Even,the r4i-sdhc.com release a new card,named R4i-sdhc 3ds RTS to support RTS,RTG function. What’s more,like r4isdhc 3ds,
the new card can support 3ds and dsi latest firmware at the same time.

I think,later more and more cards will have this function,maybe just the matter of time.So,let’s just stay tune for more details.

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