r4i 3ds flashcard multimedia feature FAQ

Today, one of of the r4i 3ds card users  send me some questions about the r4i gold, i’d like to make a detailed guide in this post.

His question


we are using a R4i 3 DS Revolution for DS card in a Nintendo DS i. I have downloaded the 1.44 version and the media function 1.51C.

The question I have is following: if I am choosing Games I can choose the SD Card or favorites, so going on with the SD card it shows me always first the 2 folders of the software, so my daughter often switches into those folders. Can we hide the folders somehow?

My next question is about the Musik player: In the root of the SD card I added a folder Music, and inside this folder I have different other folders with music and hearing books. Unfortunately the folder structure won’t be kept in the music function. As I have some folders with stories, all files inside the folders are numered from 1 to 8, but it shows me all the files number 1, then all files number 2 and so on… Is there a chance to keep on the folders structure within the music function? Otherwise the music player won’t be really helpfull, but the music player would be a great tool, as I don’t like to convert all the mp3 files to M4a format.

The same scenarion is for the pictures. There it is searching for all kind of picture files and gets different files just for background and other stuff. How can I use the “icons” after the prenamed icons?

I like your card very much and I hope you can help me with my questions.

Looking forward to reading from you,
best regards

This is my Answer guide

Hi Claus

Thanks for your email, this is eric from r4ids.cn customer service, let me answer the quesitons for you.

The first question, i am sorry, those two folders “_system” and “_rpg” are system folders, you can copy, move or delete them,please just

leave them there. but you can make the game folder show in the first plce, so your daughter will just click the first folder and play the games.

The second question, we also can help you in another method.

And let me tell you how to put your music in different folders and then also choose them in different folders.

The main idea is we don’t use the “media function 1.51C” we will use “multimedia Function Moonshell 2.0” instead here is a step by step


You will need to download some files from this page : http://www.r4ids.cn/r4i-download-e.html

Step1: download the wood V1.44 from this link: ftp://r4idsdown:r4idsdown@www.r4ids.co.cc/Wood_R4iGold_V1.44.rar Extract it, and put

all the files in the root your SD card.

Step2: download the multimedia Function Moonshell 2.0 from this link: ftp://r4idsdown:r4idsdown@www.r4ids.co.cc/Moonshell2.0/ENG.rar

Extract it, and put all the files in the root your SD card.

Step3: Create a folder named “01game” in the root of your sd card,and then put all your ds games in this folder.

Step4: Create a folder named “music” in the root of your sd card, then if you want, you can create other folders named “01”,”02″… in the

“music” folder and then put your music in different folders as you like.

Step5: Just insert the r4i 3ds card and sd card into your DSi console.and power on

Step6: You will see the “01game” folder in the first place of the menu, if you want to play games, just choose a game and play.

Step7: If you want to listen to a music, just click a icon named “_DS_MSHL.NDS” and you will see the moonshell menu, and then you will see the music folder you created before,and enjoy the music then.

Hope the method can help you and thanks for your email, any other questions, feel free to email me.


Eric (r4ids.cn)

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