R4i gold 3ds flashcard watch video, reading e book on 3DS

As we know that, we can use the 3DS flashcard not only playing games, but also can enjoy some other nice features, such as multimeida features, including watching videos, reading ebooks and listening to the music. in this post, i will tell you guys how to use the r4i gold 3ds to do these things, the r4i gold i am using is r4i3ds from r4ids.cn  and of course the video format should be dpg. ok, let’s do it step by step.

Things required

1. 3DS console

2. PC with interent

3. r4i gold 3ds flashcard  from r4ids.cn

Step1: Download the latest r4igold firmware wood r4 V1.44

Step2: Download the latest r4i gold moonshell V2.0

Step3: Extract those two files, and put all the files in the root of your sd card.

Step4: Put your dpg format files, txt files and mp3 musick  in the sd card.

Step5: Inert the r4i gold card into your 3ds console.  and power on.

You will see

click the sponsable icon

Click the sd card, you will see

you can see the icon named  DS_MSHL.NDS

Well, i myself met this problem when i clicked it, i got this

if you also see this pic, dont worry, just format your SD card, and then do the step 4 and step 5 again.the problem can  be fixed.

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