R4i gold (r4ids.cn) 3DS flashcard step by step update guide for 3DS V3.0

In this post, i will tell you guys how to update your R4i 3ds card to support your V1.43 DSi or V3.0.0-6 3DS. If you buy this card now, you don’t need to do this job, because nearlly all of the resellers are selling the pre-update card which means you can use it without updating as soon as you receive.This guide is mainly working for guys who bought the r4i gold 3ds card before the DSi and 3DS latest firmware released, and also available for people who received the non pre-flashed card from the reseller. Following this guide, you can update your r4i gold in 3 mins.

Another, this r4i 3ds card i use is from r4ids.cn which is called to be the official r4 3ds card, and it uses wood firmware which is a popular firmware in the world, if you use other r4 cards, this guide may not working for you.

At first, we need to know why we need to update our r4i gold card.

when you receive your card, download the latest wood firmware, and put the firmware in your SD card, and then insert the SD card and R4i 3DS into your 3DS console. you will get this pic.

r4i gold

Click the spongebob icon and login, you will see


If you see this pic in your 3DS or DSi, it means your card can not support the latest DSi or 3DS firmware, you need to update your r4i gold flashcart first. ok, let’s do it step by step.

Things required

1. DS console
2. 3DS console
3. PC/Laptop with interent
4. r4i gold 3ds flashcart with a SD card

Download the latest wood firmware from official site: r4ids.cn, extract the firmware, and put all the files in the root of your SD card.

Download the update patch from the official site, please notice that the update patch for R4i gold and r4i gold 3ds is different, some guys bought the first generation r4i gold very long time ago, then you need to download the correct patch for it, you can find it in the official site download page. And i am using a r4i gold 3ds card, then i just choose another one which called “R4iGold_3DS2.2_Patch(1).rar”, after you download the patch, extract the file you will see two files:” 3DS22Patch_R4iGold3DS_NDSL.nds” and “3DS22Patch_R4iGold3DS_NDSi.nds” those two files are working for different consoles. if you use the DS/DSL to do the update, you need to use the first one, if you use a DSi to do the update, you will need to use the second one. please mistake them. After you choose the correct update patch, put it in the SD card.

After you prepare those files, insert the wood r4 card into your DS console and power on, you will see

r4i gold

Then click the spongebob icon and login, you will see

r4i gold wood

Click the SD card icon, and you will get

wood r4

Choose the “3DS22Patch_R4iGold3DS_NDSL.nds” file and click to run it

wood r4 3ds

After that, you will see

wood 3ds

Notice, now you need to take the r4i 3ds flashcart out of your DSl console, and then insert it back again, and press “A” to start updating. if you dont take out the card and press “A”, you will see this pic

wood 3ds

If you do it in the right method, you will start the update like this

wood r4 3ds

Just wait until you see this pic, means you have updated it successfully.

r4i update

Take out the Wood R4i Gold 3DS and put it in your 3DS V3.0.0-6 or DSi V1.43, you will know it can work great now. Good luck.

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