How to use your DStwo to read ebooks, PDF, images on your DS/DSi/3DS console

As we know that, DStwo is a great flasahcard for nintendo DS/DSi and 3DS, it has the most powerful features than any other can run GBA games without the slot-2, it has a built-in CPU. But in this post we will just talk something about the basic features such as multi meida fuction, including reading books  and images,  listen to the music and watch videos inyour console. Today i will tell you how to use the supercard DSTwo to read ebooks and PDF in your console, i will just take the DS console as a example, the method for DSi and 3DS is total the same, so you can use the same steps. Will do it step by step and also released the pic guide.Ok, let’s get it started.

First,Download the latest DStwo firmware from here: DSTwo EOS V1.11  Then do it like this , Unzip the “”and you will get “DSTWO_v1.11_0723_eng” folder.Open the folder you will get Two files: “_dstwo” and “ds2boot.dat” put those two files into your 3DS card.Put the SD card into your DStwo flashcard and then insert them into your console.

DSTwo user guide

Second, download the latest  DStwo ireader from here :  then do it like this, Extract the zip and get the ireader folder.Open the folder and get two folders:” _dstwoplug” and “iReader”, Copy the two folders into the root of your SD card.

DStwo ireader
Next , put some e-book files, images, pdf files in your sd card. The format can be txt, PDF, jpg, etc.

Last, power on your DS console and run them, enjoy the reading.

here are some pics about this guide.

DSTwo read txt

DSTwo read pdf
Notice: this is just a simple guide about how to read ebooks with the DStwo card, with this guide, you know how to put the files , where to download them. There are some extra things need you to test yourself, you need to set up them by yourself, and when you read the books, you can use the buttons to adjust them easily.

In the next post, i will tell you guys how to use the DStwo 3DS card to watch different formats video on your nintendo 3DS, see you next time, guys.



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