Why Acekard 2i is so popular in USA UK and Canada

Acekard 2i is a very popular flashcard in the world. it is a famous card which can work on DS/DSi and 3DS consoles(Of course only DS mode).  And it also can work on the latest firmwares such as DSi V1.43 and 3DS V2.1.0-4. It is said to be the most popular cards in the market, but mosr popular noe mean the best,  popular now dont mean forever, Some guys may doubt it, but it is the truth, at least there are some other cards already came up and have the chance to beat AK2i,  for instance, r4i gold, DStwo. But currently Acekard 2i is abosolutely the best seller flashcards in USA UK and Canada(Even all over the world  i guess)  then in this post i will say sth about ak2i and compare with other cards.

There is no doubt that Acekard 2i is a great grea card with many features, such as 100% compatiblity for commercial roms, very high hombrew compatibility rate,As we know that ak2i uses AKAIO which is a great firmware, it provides a powerful OS with many features, nline cheat updating via WIFI,Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots,Custom icons for your games and file extensions,pretty good Slot2 support. besides those features, even if  you want to play gba games, just get another EZ flash 3 in1 can help you do it. If you just want to buy a flashcard which can play some games, then ak2i will be your best choose, because it is a cheap flashcard with more features. it also has a strong back up team which provides more features in future.

Speaking of other cards, r4i gold and DStwo will be the tops, no need to say that DSTwo is always the best card which has most powerful features. with DStwo, you nearlly can do everything, for instance, it can do GBA emulation with only slot-1, video playback without conversion, better SNES emulation than other flashcarts,because of those features, DSTwo is always the best flashcard, and also the most expensive  card, if you not just play games and want to enjoy more featurs, DStwo will be not the best choose..  just go and try another one.

R4i gold . R4i gold 3ds is another top flashcard which has many fertures. 100% game compatiblity, very high hombrew compatibility rate. it uses wood r4 firmware which is one of the best firmware teams, it updates firmware more frequently than other card. it can always update in the first time when nintendo official release the new firmware, and the price of R4i gold is very cheap as well.   The most important thing is that r4i gol can work on DSi V1.43 and 3DS V2.1.0-4 directly without any update, that means doesn’t matter what version console do you have. R4i 3ds card can work on it all the time. this thing is much better AK2i and DStwo which need update first.

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