Acekard 2i or R4i gold, which one is better, which one is right for you

There are three major 3ds flashcards people talk most, Supercard DStwo, R4i gold and Acekard 2i, it is no doubt that DSTwo is the best card with the strongest features, but also with the highest price as well. Many guys buy a flashcard only in order to use some basic functions such as play DS games, watch video , listen to music, then there is no need to buy DStwo if you dont care the extra features. so people move their eyes to Ak2i and r4i gold, then in this post i will talk about them and which one is better, which one is right for you, eta.

Acekard 2i is a very popular flashcard in the DS community. Thousands of  players love this card very much. This card was released by the Ak2i official team which is a great team, what’s more, ak2i uses akaio kernel which is said to be the best firmware for Acekard 2i, it has nearlly 100% game compatibility and also has high hombrew compatibility. The famous AKAIO provides a powerful OS with many features,such as online cheat updating via WIFI,Support various AR cheat types, Wii Connectivity, Auto Anti-Piracy Routines, Save Slots,Custom icons for your games and file extensions,pretty good Slot2 support. Even if you want to use it to play GBA games, you can use a EZ flash 3 and 1  to play with it. This card can work on the latest DSi V1.43 and 3DS V2.1.0-4, but can not support them out of them, players need to update it by themselves when they get the card. that’s a little trouble to some guys who dont have another DS or DSi if their 3DS has already been updated to V2.1.0-4.

R4i gold is a very popular flashcard these days, thoughsome people call  it is a R4 clone card, actually it is  a great budget flashcard. it has a strong back up team named team. they update their firmware requently, As we know that r4i gold uses wood firmware which is a very popular firmware for players. r4i gold team always can support the latest update following Nintendo official.R4i gold also has nearly 100% game compatibility and also some other great features such as support clean ROMs,entirely skinnable.

So which one is better, which one we should choose. IMO, both of them are good cards for you, it is not bad to choose any of them, but there is a difference betwwen them, r4i gold can work on DSi V1.43 and 3DS V2.1.0-4 directly wothout any update. but Ak2i can not. and r4i gold updated more frequently than acekard as well. if your 3DS is already in V2.1.0-4 and you also can not get a DS to update flashcard, then r4i gold will be your best choose, if you have another DS, then maybe Acekard 2i is a nice choose. but r4i gold is not bad either.  And i think Ak2i is always good and can not better more, but r4i gold has a better future. so which one is better , you choose!

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