Wood R4 firmware V1.35 Released, update your R4i gold now

Here is an update news about R4 wood firmware for r4i gold 3ds. today wood team released a new firmware¬† wood R4 V1.35, the new update firmware fixed some games, let’s take a look.

As always,there is a FAQ first

Q: Why did you become interested in coding firmware for Flash Kits?
A: It was an interesting challenge.

Here is the changelog  QUOTE(Change Log)


  • correct skin names and language names sorting in settings.


  • ‘atsumete! kirby (japan)’ fixed.
  • ‘phineas and ferb – across the 2nd dimension (usa)’ fixed.
  • ‘jewels of the ages (europe)’ fixed.
  • ‘all kamen rider – rider generation (japan)’ fixed.
  • ‘one piece – gigant battle! (europe)’ fixed.

Now you can update your R4 and R4i gold firmware to wood 1.35.


wood R4 V1.35
Wood r4 V1.35 for R4i gold

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